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ADA compliance for LULA Elevators

ADA compliance for LULA Elevators

LULA elevators (limited use/limited application) are specially designed to accommodate people with disabilities and provide ADA-compliant accessibility that meets state and national codes.

The ADA Accessibility Guidelines that were signed into law in 1990 include these requirements:

  • A cab large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

  • Elevator hall and car buttons that are mounted at certain heights (42 inches).

  • Handrails at specific heights (30 inches).

  • Door protective reopening devices that will reopen the door without physical contact.

  • Hall lantern fixtures that are mounted with their centerlines at least 72 inches from the floor.

LULA elevators conform to the safety standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and are equipped with many advanced features, such as an automatic control panel in stainless steel, electro-mechanical locking, cruise control, panic alarm, walk-in laminated safety emergency, automatic sliding doors, and other safety devices, all while providing enough space for a wheelchair. In addition, the LULA elevators include a fully-automatic operating system that guarantees maximum occupant safety.

LULA elevators are ADA compliant and offer a cost-effective, space-saving solution for buildings up to three stories, including schools, places of worship and professional offices. The elevators are smaller than traditional elevators but provide smooth, quiet rides.

They are easy to install with a 14"-inch pit, compared to 48" for standard elevators that requires no major excavation. There is reduced overhead clearance: 10' 7" that fits within most facilities, with maintenance required every six months, compared to monthly for standard elevators, so you save on maintenance costs.

LULA ADA compliant elevators are one of the most practical mobility options, specially designed for physically impaired individuals to help them move about between floors in commercial buildings. They meet the demands of the American Disabilities Act and are an important part of all commercial establishments, from schools and churches to shopping malls.

LULA elevators can also be installed in private homes that are looking for commercial-grade style. They can include stainless steel two-speed doors that deliver a modern and sleek look.

A number of elevator manufacturers offer ADA compliant LULA elevator systems with advanced safety features that secure the comfort of the occupants. The authorized dealers provide different models of LULA elevators along with other mobility solutions, including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, tube lifts, and ramps. Look online for LULA elevators and have one custom fit in your new or existing building. You'll achieve ADA compliance and provide comfortable transportation for physically challenged individuals with cost effective LULA elevators.

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