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The Advantages of LULA Elevators
for Three-Story Buildings

The Advantages of LULA Elevators for Three-Story Buildings

A LULA is a limited use/limited application elevator. It combines features of a traditional elevator and a wheelchair lift to make all the levels in a building accessible to a person who uses a wheelchair.

Unlike other elevators, a LULA is designed to be used by just one person at a time. It is meant to be used to provide access for handicapped individuals, not to be used by the general public.

A LULA elevator has 18 square feet of interior space, giving it plenty of room for a wheelchair. It has a weight capacity of 1,400 pounds and can travel at a speed of up to 30 feet per minute.

A LULA is easier to install than a traditional elevator. It takes up about half the space of a regular elevator, and it requires just 14 inches for a pit, much less than the 48 inches needed for a conventional elevator. A LULA requires only 102 inches of overhead space for an existing building and 134 inches for a new construction. The hoistway can be made of wood or sheetrock, instead of concrete.

Since a LULA is smaller than a conventional elevator, it is better suited for a small, low-rise building. A LULA can easily fit inside a building that is not large enough for a regular elevator.

A LULA is ideal for a three-story building that houses offices or for a public building, such as a school. It can travel vertically up to 25 feet, making it just right for a three-story building.

If you need to make your small business or public building accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs, but you don't have the space for a traditional elevator, a LULA is the perfect solution. Since it takes up less space than other elevators, a LULA is just the right size for a low-rise building.

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