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How Does a LULA Elevator Differ
from a Standard Design?

How Does a LULA Elevator Differ from a Standard Design?

When shopping for a home or commercial elevator, you'll find that there are many models on the market. Some elevators are grand, some are traditional, and others are vacuum powered. Finding the perfect elevator largely depends on cost, style, and function. LULA elevators differ from traditional elevators because they are specifically made to assist the disabled. You might be thinking, "Don't all elevators assist the disabled?" Sure they do, but here is how LULA is different.

Limited Use – First things first, unlike traditional home or commercial elevators, LULA elevators are not made to be used by the general public. LULA elevators are limited use elevators, meaning that they are designed just to be used by the disabled. The best way to describe a LULA elevator is to say that it is a hybrid of a small commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. Traditionally, they are very small, out of the way, and only used if someone cannot climb the stairs.

Built to Fit – If you have a small building, then you could have a hard time installing a traditional, commercial-sized elevator. LULA models are designed to fit in the smallest of buildings. Since the square footage of a typical LULA elevator is only five feet, you can easily turn an old closet or walk-in-cupboard into a limited-use elevator for the handicapped. Just because the building is small, it doesn't mean you can't make it accessible to all who come through the door. Install a LULA elevator and make sure all disabled persons know where to find it.

One at a Time – Another huge difference between a LULA model and other traditional ones is the fact that they are built for one passenger at a time. You may be thinking that an elevator with five square feet of space is plenty of standing room for multiple passengers; it is, but you must remember that a LULA elevator is specifically built for passengers with disabilities. For a wheelchair user, five square feet of space is just enough. Since the LULA elevator shouldn't be available to the general public and should only be used for persons with disabilities, one passenger at a time is all that it should have to handle.

As you can see, the LULA elevator is built very differently from traditional models. If you're looking for an elevator that is grand, takes center stage, and can carry multiple passengers, then a LULA model may not be the best choice. On the other hand, if you need an elevator for the disabled but you don't have a lot of extra space, the LULA could be your saving grace.

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