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Is a LULA Elevator the Answer?

If you own a smaller business that runs out of a low-rise building, you are likely going to deal with handicap accessible codes and designs, if you haven't already. This is where a LULA elevator may prove to be a sound business investment.

It's important to first understand the LULA elevator. LULA stands for limited use/limited application. It's a hybrid between a full-size commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. The LULA elevator looks and rides like any other elevator. The LULA elevator is designed to provide handicap accessibility to a building.

The LULA elevator has advantages for a business owner. Standard elevators require monthly maintenance. LULA elevators require maintenance every six months. This is a big savings plus in terms of cost of ownership. The cost of maintenance alone on an elevator will often exceed the actual installation cost of the elevator.

The LULA elevators may be a good choice for a spot where a commercial elevator would not fit. They require about half the space of a traditional elevator. This is one of the benefits they have over traditional commercial elevators. They can still provide a smooth and safe ride. This is one reason LULA elevators are becoming popular with architects and building planners.

Deciding between a Lula Elevator and a Wheelchair Lift

If your facility is a low rise building, the LULA elevator may be beneficial. It can move lesser amounts of freight between floors and can also help people who have mobility issues. This elevator has a weight capacity of 1,400 pounds. The elevator's cab has 18 square feet of floor space.

Ask yourself if a LULA elevator would benefit your business or facility. It may be helpful in a building like a church or school. They are also idea for smaller businesses that don't have the need or the budget for the installation and maintenance of a standard elevator.

Talk with a certified elevator retailer to go over your options and determine if a LULA elevator can fit your needs.

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