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Main Functions of LULA Elevators

What Are the Main Functions of a LULA Elevator?

A LULA is a limited use/limited application elevator. It combines features of a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift but looks and rides just like a traditional elevator.

A LULA is smaller than a typical commercial elevator. It has an area of just 18 square feet and can transport up to 1,400 pounds. While most elevators are designed to transport a group of several people at a time, a LULA is intended to be used only by a single person in a wheelchair. It is not designed for use by the general public.

A LULA can fit into a space as small as a closet and requires less excavation prior to installation. It requires only 14 inches for a pit, rather than the 48 inches needed for a traditional elevator. A LULA needs only 102 inches of overhead space for an existing building and 134 inches for a new construction. The hoistway can be constructed with wood or sheetrock, rather than the concrete that is used in most elevators.

A LULA can continue to provide savings even after it is installed. A traditional commercial elevator requires monthly maintenance to keep it operating safely and efficiently, which can make the cost of maintenance significantly higher than the cost to purchase and install the elevator. A LULA, on the other hand, only requires maintenance every six months. This dramatically reduces the longterm cost of owning and operating the elevator.

A LULA is ideal for a business in a low-rise building where there is not enough room for a conventional commercial elevator, but the owner still needs to make the building accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs. Its small size and lower maintenance costs make a LULA elevator a good choice for a small business owner.

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