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Businesses for LULA Elevators?

What Are Popular Businesses for LULA Elevators?

LULA elevators are a popular choice for businesses in low-rise buildings whose owners need to improve accessibility for employees and customers in wheelchairs, but who do not have enough space for a traditional elevator or who have limited budgets.

LULA stands for limited use/limited application. It is a cross between a wheelchair lift and a traditional elevator. While it looks and operates like any other elevator, a LULA is smaller and is designed solely to provide access to a low-rise building for people who use wheelchairs.

Since it requires only about half as much space as a conventional elevator, a LULA can be used in a building that does not meet the space requirements for a conventional elevator. While other elevators frequently require excavation and remodeling before they can be installed, this is often not the case with a LULA. This means quicker installation and less inconvenience for employees and customers during the installation process.

Another benefit of the LULA over a conventional elevator is the cost. LULAs are less expensive to install and require less frequent maintenance than traditional elevators. While a standard elevator requires monthly maintenance, a LULA only needs routine maintenance every six months. The cost of maintenance for a traditional elevator often exceeds the cost of the elevator itself. With a LULA, maintenance costs are dramatically lower, making it a much more affordable option for a business with limited funds.

A LULA elevator is a wise investment for many types of businesses in low-rise buildings that need to improve accessibility for handicapped individuals. Offices, stores, theaters, and many other commercial establishments can benefit from installing a LULA elevator in their buildings. With its smaller space requirements, easier installation, and lower up-front and maintenance costs than a traditional elevator, a LULA is a wise investment for many types of businesses.

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