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Safety Features for LULA Elevator

Safety Features for LULA Elevator

Wondering if a LULA elevator will be just as safe as a full-sized one? If so, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll learn all about LULA elevators: What they are, the usage they're intended for, and whether or not they are indeed safe. Keep reading to become a LULA expert.

What is a Lula Elevator? Before we can discuss safety features, you must first understand what a LULA elevator is. LULA isn't just a brand; it's a usage-specific model. LULA stands for Limited Use, Limited Application elevator and is used in smaller or limited access buildings where installation of a full-sized elevator isn't possible. LULA fixtures are great for churches, nonprofit buildings, historical buildings, small offices, or any other building that needs an elevator but can't fit a full-sized commercial or residential one. The LULA elevator was created to be a cross between a wheelchair lift and a full-sized elevator. The goal is to provide access to those who cannot confidently and safely climb the stairs. If you think a LULA elevator would be perfect for your building, keep reading to learn more about safety features.

Is it safe? First things first: Yes, a LULA elevator is very safe. Because LULA is modeled after a full-sized elevator yet contains some of the same features found in a wheelchair lift, you could say that it is much safer than normal residential and commercial models. Here is why: Because the LULA models are designed to carry non stair-using individuals, they are designed to be incredibly safe for said users. This is not an elevator that every guest, employee, or family member rides; this is an elevator that the disabled, nervous, wheelchair-using, and unstable walking individuals rely on.

Safety Features – Okay, so you know the LULA elevator is built to be safe, but you want to know specifics. Here they are: the LULA elevator comes equipped with everything you would find on a residential or commercial-sized elevator, plus more. There are sensors on the automatic closing doors keep them from closing on limbs and wheelchairs, there is an emergency call button inside the car for passengers to call for help, and there is a non-skid platform for wheelchair users. You'll find an emergency stop button as well as an emergency braking system. Trust us when we say you'll be very safe riding your new LULA elevator.

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