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Using a LULA Elevator at a Small Business

Using a LULA Elevator at a Small Business

A LULA elevator is an ideal solution for a small business located in a low-rise building. It can provide accessibility for individuals with wheelchairs to all floors in a building, without the space requirements and expensive installation and maintenance costs associated with a traditional elevator.

LULA stands for limited use/limited application. It is a hybrid between a full-size commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. While it looks and functions like a traditional elevator, a LULA's only function is to provide accessibility to handicapped individuals.

A LULA elevator offers several benefits over a conventional elevator. It requires only about half the space of a traditional elevator and requires only 14 inches for a pit, compared to 48 inches needed for a standard elevator, and only 102 inches overhead for existing buildings and 134 inches for new construction. The hoistway may be made of wood or sheetrock, rather than concrete. Since it requires less space, a LULA is easier to install and may not require the excavation that would be necessary to install a traditional elevator.

The elevator itself and installation costs are significantly less than those of a traditional commercial elevator. In addition to the initial savings, a LULA elevator offers long-term financial advantages. While conventional elevators require monthly maintenance, a LULA only needs to be maintained every six months. The cost of maintaining a standard elevator can total more than the initial cost. With a LULA, however, the cost of maintenance is drastically reduced.

If you need to improve accessibility at your small business, but don't have enough space or enough money to install a traditional commercial elevator, a LULA may be the perfect solution. It is specifically designed for small spaces in low-rise buildings. With its lower up-front costs and less-frequent maintenance requirements, installing a LULA elevator can result in significant long-term savings for your small business.

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