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What Are the Limitations of a
LULA Elevator?

What Are the Limitations of a LULA Elevator?

A LULA is a limited use/limited application elevator. It is a hybrid that combines features of a traditional commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. A LULA offers several advantages over a conventional elevator, but it does have some limitations.

A LULA is smaller than a traditional elevator. With an interior area of 18 square feet, it is about half the size of other commercial elevators. A LULA is designed to provide access for a single person in a wheelchair, not multiple passengers at the same time.

The weight capacity of a LULA is smaller than that of a traditional commercial elevator. A LULA can transport up to 1,400 pounds from floor to floor.

A LULA elevator is designed for a low-rise building. It can travel vertically up to 25 feet.

LULA elevators are not as fast as other commercial elevators. A LULA's maximum speed is 30 feet per minute.

A LULA offers some advantages compared to a traditional elevator. Since it has a smaller footprint, it can fit into a tight space, such as a closet. A LULA is ideal for a small business that does not have enough room for a conventional elevator.

A LULA elevator costs less to install than other commercial elevators. A LULA also has a lower cost of operation. Traditional elevators need to be serviced every month, but a LULA only needs to undergo routine maintenance once every six months. This dramatically reduces operating costs over the life of the elevator.

If you need to improve accessibility in your small business and have limited space and funds, a LULA could be the solution. While it does have some limitations, a LULA also has some advantages compared to other types of elevators.

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