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ADA compliance for LULA Elevators

What Features does a LULA Elevator Offer?

A LULA is a smart option to improve mobility and accessibility for a person with a disability.

A LULA elevator is a limited use/limited application hybrid between a full-size commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. It looks and rides like a normal elevator, but its only purpose is to provide building accessibility to people with disabilities or mobility limitations. It is an ideal option for a low-rise building.

LULA elevators can travel up to 25 feet vertically at speeds of up to 30 feet per minute. The weight capacity of a LULA elevator is 1,400 pounds. The size of the cab is limited to 18 square feet. LULA elevators only require about half the amount of space of a traditional elevator. The hoistway may be made of wood or sheetrock, instead of concrete like other types of elevators.

Conventional elevators require a pit at a depth of 48 inches, while a LULA elevator only requires a 14-inch pit. A LULA elevator requires only 102 inches of overhead space for an existing building and 134 inches for new construction. Fire service may or may not be required, depending on local building codes. LULA elevators can be individually designed with a variety of options for cab walls and gates, landing doors, and fixtures to create a customized look for your building.

The costs of equipment and installation are much less than those of a traditional elevator. A LULA also costs less for maintenance than a traditional elevator because it only needs to be maintained once every six months, rather than every month like a traditional elevator. This can lead to substantial savings over time.

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