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Elevators Are Also Found in LULA

High-Rise Elevator Features Also Found in LULA Elevators

A LULA elevator is a limited use/limited application lift that is intended to provide accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs. A LULA elevator is designed to be used in a low-rise structure, such as a school, church, or office building. While a LULA is smaller than a conventional elevator used in a tall building, it contains many of the same features.

LULA elevators have many of the same standard features as elevators found in high-rise buildings. A LULA elevator includes automatic closing doors with sensors to prevent them from closing when someone is entering or exiting the lift. An emergency call button enables a passenger to call for assistance. A non-skid platform will prevent a passenger in a wheelchair from slipping. A LULA elevator also contains an emergency stop button and an emergency braking system.

Like many high-rise elevators, a LULA can be customized with a variety of cab walls, cab gates, landing doors, and fixtures. The cab walls are available in powder-coated, laminate, and stainless steel and can also be customized with glass windows. The cab gates are available in your choice of powder-coated or stainless steel and glass. Choose from landing doors in primed, powder-coated, or stainless steel and glass. Fixtures are available in stainless steel or brass.

If you need to make your business accessible to employees or customers in wheelchairs, but you don't have enough space for a traditional elevator, a LULA lift could be the answer. With standard safety features similar to those found in a high-rise elevator and many customizable options, a LULA is a safe, attractive, and effective solution.

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