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What Are the Construction Benefits
of a LULA Elevator?

What Are the Construction Benefits of a LULA Elevator?

A LULA limited use/limited application elevator is a cross between an elevator and a wheelchair lift. It is the right choice to improve accessibility for wheelchair-bound individuals in a low-rise building.

A LULA is smaller than a traditional elevator. The interior is 18 square feet, which is about half the size of other elevators but plenty of room for a wheelchair. Unlike other elevators that are meant to transport several members of the general public at a time, a LULA is intended to be used only by individuals in wheelchairs, and only by one person at a time. A LULA is a good choice for a building that does not have the amount of space necessary for a typical elevator.

A LULA elevator is the right choice for a low-rise structure, such as an office building, school, church, or public building. It can travel vertically up to 25 feet, which makes it suitable for a building up to three stories tall.

The weight capacity of a LULA elevator is 1,400 pounds. While this is less than the carrying limit of most elevators, it is more than sufficient for the LULA's purpose of transporting an individual who uses a wheelchair.

A LULA is easier to install than a traditional elevator. Instead of using a concrete hoistway like most elevators, the hoistway for a LULA can be constructed from wood or sheetrock. A standard elevator needs 48 inches for a pit, but a LULA requires just 14 inches. It needs only 102 inches of overhead space for an existing building and 134 inches for a new construction.

Installing a LULA elevator can save you money in terms of installation costs, as well as future expenses. Unlike conventional elevators that need to be maintained monthly, a LULA only needs to undergo maintenance every six months. This can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the elevator.

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