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What is LULA?

What is LULA?

If you need to install an elevator to assist disabled customers, clients, or employees but don't have the room to install a traditional one that is commercial sized, LULA can help. LULA elevators are specifically designed for buildings that don't have adequate room for an elevator. They're small, safe, secure, and perfect for aiding disabled passengers. Keep reading to learn more about LULA elevators.

An Aid for the Disabled – Chances are you're looking to install an elevator in your building because you need something that disabled persons can use to get from one level to the next. Unfortunately for buildings like churches, lodges, and clubs, sometimes there just isn't enough room for a full-sized elevator. This is where LULA comes in. LULA, which stands for Limited Use, Limited Application, is the perfect compromise if you're looking for an elevator to service disabled persons. They are built to safely transfer persons and their walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters without taking up a substantial amount of space.

Cost Affective – One of the biggest perks to installing a LULA elevator is the fact that it is cost affective. While larger, traditional-style commercial elevators may cost you top dollar, LULA knows that your small building is not looking for something grand and pricey. For small buildings and smaller wallets, a LULA elevator is the most economic choice.

Limited Use – Do not confuse the LULA elevator as a cheaper commercial model. The LULA is specifically designed as a limited use elevator to aid those who cannot tackle a flight of stairs unassisted. Since the LULA elevator is smaller in size and designed to fit in small nocks and crannies, the elevator itself can only hold a maximum capacity of 1,399 pounds. Most LULA elevators are a modest 5.5 square feet in size – just large enough for a single wheelchair.

Installation – Unlike commercial elevators that need a lot of space to be installed, LULA elevators can be installed in the smallest of buildings. All you need is an old closet that is not being used, and soon you'll have it replaced by a LULA model. Since LULA elevators are designed for limited use and are not designed to be exploited by the general public, it is a good idea to install them out of the way – out of sight, out of mind. The only persons who need to know where the elevator is are those who cannot climb stairs without assistance.

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